The New Executive Board of the Hungarian Atlantic Council supports the military development

The Hungarian Atlantic Council supports the ambition of the Hungarian Parliament and the Hungarian Government in terms of strengthening the capabilities of the Hungarian army and the development of the technical equipment.

György Csóti, founder and Vice President of Hungarian Atlantic Council (MAT), was elected as acting president of MAT during the general assembly of MAT on September 15th, 2020. The organisation created a new position, the Honorary President position, held by Szilveszter E. Vízi, former President of MAT.

The incumbent honorary president of MAT phrased his suggestion in his memorandum. He expressed that the current Hungarian military development program is extremely important for Hungary to be a reliable and useful member of NATO.  The presidency and fellowship of MAT have high hopes for the modernisation processes supervised by the Ministry of Defence, and will continue to pay serious attention to the activities of the Hungarian Armed Forces in the future

The Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (YATA) held its General Assembly on September 4th, 2020, where Félix Á. Debrenti was elected as Vice President for Public Diplomacy of  YATA. The presidency of YATA, which has been elected by the delegates of the 24 present member states, fills an important role in relation to building a bridge between NATO and the youth. It is an appreciation of MAT`s activity in the community that Mr. Debrenti has become the member of the presidency of YATA.

Translated by Norbert Szépvölgyi

Debrenti Á. Félix

Debrenti Á. Félix

Felix A. Debrenti holds a degree in International Relations from Eötvös Loránd University and is currently enrolled in a master's program in Management and Leadership at the Institute of Business Economics of ELTE. He has several years of experience working at a multinational SSC company and has held lead roles in various non-profit organizations. Presently, he works at the Prime Minister's Cabinet Office in Hungary as the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Political Director of the Prime Minister. Furthermore, he is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Budapester magazine and serves as the Vice President for the Hungarian Atlantic Council. In 2018, he co-founded YATA Hungary and served as its president until 2022.