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The Youth Atlantic Treaty Association of Hungary (YATA Hungary) was established as an integrated part of the Hungarian Atlantic Council in 1995. YATA Hungary is a member of the community of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (YATA). The main aim of YATA Hungary is to spread the transatlantic values among the Hungarian youth.

From the very beginning, our goal was to help deepen Hungary’s European integration through the transmission of traditional European values, as well as to initiate a progressive Hungarian role in the region and in the Euro-Atlantic Community. To this end, YATA Hungary members has been organising and participating in several international programs that have contributed to YATA Hungary’s extensive international network. We are committed to providing further opportunities for our members at the domestic and international level, where the participants could gain professional experiences and could build international relations.

YATA Hungary members place great emphasis on learning about the ideological, historical, organisational, cultural, economic and political, or even military, aspects of Euro-Atlantic integration, in order to build the pillars of our activities on a solid basis, which are:
  • Transfer of information on public benefit and public interest events, which provide experiences for the Hungarian youth, and develop their European values
  • Helping other youth organisations’ activities, and supporting self-education
  • Organising professional events
  • Getting in touch with other Hungarian and foreign organisations
  • Cooperating with NGOs
  • Establishing a well-function platform that provides free speech, opportunity for brainstorming and debates about social problems, and supporting the cohesion of the society in the view of the Euro-Atlantic.   

Felix A. Debrenti



After graduating in International Relations BA at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, he started his MA studies in Management and Leadership at the Institute of Business Economics of ELTE. He is currently working at the Antall József Knowledge Centre where he is Head of  Talent Management and Innovation Department. In addition he is Editor-in-Chief at The Budapester magazin, President of YATA Hungary and Vice President of the Hungarian Atlantic Council.

Email cím: president@yata.hu

Laura Szilagyi

Vice President

Laura is an undergraduate student at the National University of Public Service, where she is studying international security and defence policy. Her main field of research is the military policy of the Russian Federation and international arms control regimes. She is a member of the Hungarian Military Science Society and the Vice-President for Communications of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association of Hungary. 

Norbert Szepvolgyi

Vice President

Norbert Szépvölgyi graduated as an international relations expert at Károli Gáspár Calvinist University faculty of law. Currently, he is enrolled in an English International relations MA program at the Corvinus University of Budapest. Norbert was a trainee at Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade, and he was Young Europe Ambassador. Furthermore, he is the vice president of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association, who is in charge of the professional issues.

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Félix Debrenti

Félix Debrenti