Portuguese Atlantic Youth Seminar 2019

July 20-27, 2019


The one-week long PAYS event was held in Lisbon for the 24th time, with the participation of Félix Á. Debrenti and István Bodnár as MAT / MIAT representatives. The event, which took place from 20 to 27 July, was hosted by the Portuguese Military Academy.

Lecture in the upper house of parliament

Presentations at the seminar:

  • Opening speech by Maj. Gen. Joao Jorge Botelho Vieira Borges, Commander of the Military Academy, Júlio Miranda Calha, Member of Parliament and President of the Portuguese Atlantic Council, and Manuel Matos dos Santos, President of the Portuguese Youth Atlantic Council
  • European Strategic Autonomy – Paulo de Almeida Sandre (Católica University)
  • Deterrence on the Korean Peninsula – Nuno Pereira de Magalhaes (IPARI, Harvard, Cambridge)
  • The Rise of China and the future of the International Order – Vaz Pinto (IPRI), Germano Almeida (US politics expert)
  • Hybrid Warfare and Terrorism – Tiago André Lopes (Portucalense University), Felipe Pathé Duarte (Professor, Visionware)
  • Russia: Nationalism and Defense Challenges – Oliver Moru (Estonia, Ministry of Defense), Luís Tomé (Autónoma University)
  • The European Union as a global actor: problems and challenges – Ana Isabel Xavier (Autónoma University), Miguel Ferreira da Silva (expert in Strat. Gov.)

In addition to the lectures, participants visited the Military Museum in Lisbon, as well as the Portuguese Parliament, where Member of Parliament Joao Rebelo presented the building and held a discussion in the Parliament Chamber. This was followed by a conference for parliament participants entitled “Democracy in the New Nationalist International Order”, in which Diana Soller (IPRI) and Francisco Assis (former MEP) spoke. The seminar was complemented by additional workshops in which groups of 4-5 people developed various policy recommendations. Following the presentation of the recommendations, a final document was prepared from the proposals, which was sent to the NATO PDD.

In the final days of the week-long conference, Paulo Portas, former Deputy Prime Minister, Nuno Rogeiro, journalist and expert, Ana Santos Pinto, Deputy Minister of Defense, and Admiral António Manuel Fernandes da Silva Ribeiro, Chief of Staff of the Portuguese Armed Forces, gave presentations.

Translated by Stefano Salveggio