ATA-YATA Integrated Communication Task Force

04 – 06.12. 2018

Integrated Communication Task Force

In the representation of Youth Atlantic Treaty Association of Hungary, Félix Á. Debrenti, Artúr Hőnich, and István Bodnár participated in a discussion about the communication between the ATA and YATA in Brussels. The participants wanted to strengthen and harmonise the communication of the two organisations.

During the conference, several topics were touched by the guest lecturers. Topics were the followings:

Zsolt Rábai welcomed the participants

Workshop I.

– the current position of ATA, introducing the tasks

– working groups: fake news, audio-visual projects, social media, communication → these groups also presented their ideas

– voting about the mentioned plans

Paul King, NATO ODD, Engagement Section, Program Officer

– Presentation about the current economic situation of Russia, its vulnerability, the role of the disinformation, and the NATO’ s future challenges

Robert Pszczel, NATO PDD, Engagement Section Senior Officer

– Presentation about the relationships of NATO and Russia, Ukrainian situation and the Russian armed presence in East-Europe, and the Chinese economic and military ambitions

Michael Ruehle, NATO, Emerging Security Challenges

-Presentation about the NATO’s future, and opportunities, the security challenges in relation to the climate change, Cyber security

Karolina Wozniak, European Parliament, DG Comm., Web Communication Unit

– Social media training for the participants, she presented the EU communication’s strategy through several examples, and data

Translated by Norbert Szépvölgyi

Szépvölgyi Norbert

Szépvölgyi Norbert

Norbert Szépvölgyi graduated as an international relations expert at Károli Gáspár Calvinist University faculty of law. Currently, he is enrolled in an English International relations MA program at the Corvinus University of Budapest. Norbert was a trainee at Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade, and he was Young Europe Ambassador. Furthermore, he is the vice president of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association, who is in charge of the professional issues.