Turkish Atlantic Youth Seminar 2018

28. 11. – 01.12.2018

Anita Szirota, Félix Á. Debrenti and István Bodnár participated in the Turkish Atlantic Youth Seminar (TAYS) between 28.11. – 01.12. 2018. Tays was organised by Youth Atlantic Treaty Association of Turkey and NATO PDD. Nearly 50 youth participants had the opportunity to take part in this seminar, representing more than 10 member Chapter.

First session

Metin Gürcan

– Presentation about conventional, irregular, and hybrid warfare

Josep Hammon – Journalist

– Presentation about terror organisations (Red Army Brigade, Black Panthers, IRA etc.) during ‘70-80s

Gületking Yildiz

– Lecture about the new challenges and the hybrid warfare

Second session

Melek Maksudoglu – World Congress of Crimean Tatars

– Discussion about the Crimean Crisis, the Russian propaganda, and the joint hybrid warfare operation of Russia and Turkey

Joseph Hammond – Journalist

– Presentation about the Russian propaganda including touching RT and Sputnik’s work in Western countries

Donara Bajoran – NATO StratCom Center of Excellence in Riga

– Introduction of the different narratives of Russian-Ukrainian relations

Third session: Propaganda and disinformation by YPG and PKK

Hasan Öymez – Anadolu Agency

– “The Western media does not concern PKK as a terror organisation

– He proved the disinformation of PKK by photos and those disinformation were taken place in the Western media

Oktay Bingöl – Baskent University

– How do the social media become a weapon? – The social media can be used for reaching military’s aim in various ways.

-It is hard to select the quality real news due to the mass information.

Fourth session: Weaponization of social media in the Syrian Civil War

Dr. Ali Bakeer – Al Arab Quatar

– usage of drones by terror organisations (Hezbollah, DAESH-ISIS)

– What sort of threats could the technical developments of drones’ cause?

Fifth’s session: An unusual Terror group, early usage of hybrid elements, the FETO case

Prof Michelangelo Guida – Mayis University, Istanbul 29

– History of FETO / PYD and Fetullah Gülen

– Turkey accuses Gülen’s organisation for the military coup of 2016.

– Gülen organisation can be divided to 3 parts: 1, sympathizer, 2, troops (who are part of the army as agents of Gülen) 3, Fetullah Güllen and his close supporters

Ass. Prof. Hüseyin Arsaln – Turkish Police Academy

Translated by Norbert Szépvölgyi

Szépvölgyi Norbert

Szépvölgyi Norbert

Norbert Szépvölgyi graduated as an international relations expert at Károli Gáspár Calvinist University faculty of law. Currently, he is enrolled in an English International relations MA program at the Corvinus University of Budapest. Norbert was a trainee at Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade, and he was Young Europe Ambassador. Furthermore, he is the vice president of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association, who is in charge of the professional issues.