Sub-regional Meeting

Brussels – ATA HQ

The President of YATA Hungary, Félix Á. Debrenti attended the sub-regional meeting, organised by the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association in Brussels.

Representatives of youth organisations from Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Iceland, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Hungary, as well as Amish Laxmidas, former President of YATA, discussed the following topics:

  • Outline a joint YATA program plan for 2019 and understand the role of YATA on the occasion of its 70th anniversary:
    • YATA program plans and opportunities for connection with national member organisations
    • YATA objectives and their effects on the future
  • Elaboration of the implementation of the jointly set goals
  • Outline organisational tasks

During the meeting, each Chapter reported in detail on the operation, structure, programs, and plans of its own organisation, in what areas they expect help from YATA, and what opportunities they see as feasible in the aspect of cooperation. Inadequate communication between member organisations emerged as a common problem, leaving many Chapters unaware of applications, initiatives, and news. In order to develop this, the representatives set the goal of creating a common communication channel, with the idea of a common mailing list involving the nominees from the member states to pass on the news to their additional members. YATA also promised more active mediation between the ATA and member state organisations in the future. In regard of the member states’ programs during the spring, YATA would like to play a more active role – to its extent possible – for example by delegating members.

A YATA publication plan also put forward to offer members of member state organisations the opportunity to publish in a joint publication in 2019, which will be published at the end of next year. Due to limited financial and human resources capacity, only the best 1-2 publications per member state are going to be published, while sharing and dividing proofreading, layout, and all other necessary tasks.

Translated by Flóra Antónia Varga

Varga Flóra Antónia

Varga Flóra Antónia

Flóra Antónia Varga is studying International Relations at Eötvös Loránd University. Currently, she is an intern at Bosch Hungary, a foreign affairs journalist at TátKontúr university press, a member of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association of Hungary, and the former President of the Foreign Affairs Committee at ELTE’s Student Union. Her main field of research is the international criminal cooperation and military intelligence in cyberspace within the European Union.