NATO Secretary General’s Press Conference on the upcoming Defence Ministers’ Meeting

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg rolled out the key issues on the table for the upcoming Defence Ministers’ Meeting. The event – also serving as a preparation for this year’s Summit in Brussels – will be hosting discussions on the Sec Gen’s proposals for the NATO 2030, and frame the Alliance’s new agenda for transatlantic security and defence.

In light of the suggestion to increase the organization’s funding to ensure its capability to deliver on deterrence and defence, the burden-sharing of allies will be subject to reconsideration both in terms of spending and in NATO’s presence on the Eastern flank. The most prominent topic of the upcoming meeting will be formulated around the update of NATO’s Strategic Concept.

Furthermore, the state of the allies nations’ resilience will be reassessed to gain a comprehensive understanding on vulnerabilities of the critical infrastructure and the technologies. Regarding the latter, the Secretary General disclosed his intention to launch a defence innovation initiative in promotion of developing the interoperability of the national capabilities.

As the end of the reflection process is approaching, Jens Stoltenberg called for stronger political consultation on local and global challenges. The inclusion of like-minded partners will strengthen the values that seem to be disputed by Russia and China, while the joint training operations intend to further the protection of common interests.

In his closing remarks, the Secretary General called on the Taliban to reduce violence, and voiced the Alliance’s commitment to uphold its presence until all conditions are met by the Afghan parties. The situation is even less favorable in Iraq, where NATO intends to extend its mission for the request of the Iraqi government.

These issues, along with addressing climate change will constitute the agenda for the upcoming days along with meetings with Finland, Sweden, and EU High Representative Joseph Borrell.

Doucha Lilla

Doucha Lilla

Lilla is an International Peace and Security postgraduate student at King’s College London, and junior researcher at the Institute for American Studies at Ludovika. Her research interests lie at the nexus of security studies and international law, however, currently she is also engaging with wargaming and space security. Her previous experiences entail research intern positions at Globsec, IFAT, and MCC and a traineeship at the the Permanent Delegation of Hungary to NATO in Brussels.