The 15th NATO Run was held on 18 October 2020. Both the start and the finish lines were at the Vérmező, in Budapest.

Participants could choose between 5 and 10 km distances, and could choose the 2-Man “running form” in the relay race. This year, the distances of 5 and 10 kilometres could be completed in a virtual form, on an individual route. 

Ten members of the YATA-Hungary took part in the competition in a virtual form and completed the 5 and 10 km distances on different routes. 

Nearly 3000 people participated in the competition, including more than a thousand soldiers in the virtual form from Hungary, Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Turkey.

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Translated by Richárd Sóti

Sóti Richárd

Sóti Richárd

Richard is an international studies major with a parallel degree in finance and accounting, and from 2022 he will be YATA's new vice-president for communications. During his one and a half years with the organization, he has written and edited numerous articles and summaries. Her main profile is China's international relations and European politics as well as global diplomacy. He is fluent in English and German and, in addition to his studies and his position as Vice President, he works as an international relations officer in these two languages for a multinational company. His interests include programming, and therefore cyber security, and data analysis. In his spare time, he reads books, studies languages, and travels the world.