October 20, 2019


The Athletic Association of Budapest, the Honvéd Sport Club National Alliance, and the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association of Hungary (YATA Hungary) organised the NATO Run on October 20, 2019. The run took place at the Buda Castle and its outskirts. During the daylong event, the participants could compete in the 10 km long run, 10 km relay run, 4 km relay run, and the 4 km long historical run.

As in the previous year, runners came from different countries. This year, the Atlantic Treaty Association’s (ATA) application gave the opportunity to national chapters of ATA Albania, Estonia, North-Macedonia, and Georgia took part in the NATO Run in Budapest. Furthermore, a special event was held, the 10x1000m relay run, where the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Hungary and YATA Hungary participated. 

The runners and the guests had the opportunity to meet other informative programs as well.  At the NATO’s tent, they could test their knowledge about NATO by a quiz and might have won the book of Hungarian Atlantic Council (MAT). 

At the end of the day, the above mentioned four chapters’ 21 runners attended a sightseeing boat trip in Budapest. During the trip, the participants could see the historical buildings of Budapest and make conversation with the members of YATA Hungary.

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Translated by Norbert Szépvölgyi

Szépvölgyi Norbert

Szépvölgyi Norbert

Norbert Szépvölgyi graduated as an international relations expert at Károli Gáspár Calvinist University faculty of law. Currently, he is enrolled in an English International relations MA program at the Corvinus University of Budapest. Norbert was a trainee at Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade, and he was Young Europe Ambassador. Furthermore, he is the vice president of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association, who is in charge of the professional issues.