Hungarian Atlantic Council: Presentation of the Hungary Helps Program



On 17 October 2019, the Presidency of the Hungarian Atlantic Council organised a round table discussion entitled “Presentation of Hungary Helps Program”. The panelists were Vice President György Csóti, the Secretary of State Tristán Azbej and CEO Gábor Márki.

In his presentation, Azbej Tristan, Secretary of State for Assisting Persecuted Christians and Implementing the Hungary Helps Program, said that Hungary was the first country in the world to raise the issue of assisting persecuted Christians to the level of government. The main goal of the program is to help refugees return home and to encourage them to stay in their homeland, in abandoned homes, through targeted humanitarian aid programs. The Secretary of State emphasised that stopping the migration crisis is an important goal, but we must also devote resources to stabilising the areas that are the roots of migration.

CEO Gábor Márki considered it important to emphasise that the Hungary Helps Program is responsible for the coordination of Hungary’s entire humanitarian program, supported by revenue from the state budget. They could be present in Eastern Europe (Ukraine), Africa (Mozambique, Nigeria, Congo, Ethiopia), the Middle East (Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq), Sri Lanka, and also in the Philippines. In these areas, Hungary has provided and continues to provide support for the construction and maintenance of hospitals, and the reconstruction of residential buildings.

Translated by Stefano Salveggio